You can never do kindness too soon for you never know how soon will be too late


Jill Ross is one of our devoted Trustees and Couples in Crisis facilitators. Today we are thankful to her for sharing her thoughts on the cycle of relationships

“I have been thinking recently about change. Couple relationships are always changing. They start as attractions and there is curiosity and excitement as they start to develop. They are initially so full of promise but over time curiosity turns into familiarity and excitement into predictability. Other interests can divert attention away from each other on to work, children, family or money. All of these can take priority over a relationship that was once so special causing it to change. Some change can be good, but some can be bad leading to hurt and disappointment. If we neglect our partner or they neglect us we run the risk of losing the closeness that was once there.

Relationships need nourishing. Sometimes they need repairing. They need refreshment and nurturing to regain that sense of wonder again. One way to do this is to ask the question “what makes my partner need? What makes they happy?” Then find a way to make that happen. It may be thoughtful actions like making a cup of coffee or appreciative words “thank you for …….” It may be a thoughtful gift or spending time together. These are simple but effective ways to nourish a relationship because they make the other feel loved.”


If you and your partner would like to take some time to consider the fine points of your relationship, why not consider signing up to The Marriage Course?


Jill Ross