Why we do it

Family is important to everyone -

  • Strong families build strong sustainable communities
  • Positive relationships with parents mean better outcomes for children

However, all families face pressure and relationships are particularly vulnerable to breakdown. If this happens, everyone in the family is affected. This can have a negative impact on our physical, mental and financial well-being.

The cost to each other and society is huge.

Britain's record on family breakdown is currently the worst in Europe. A child from a broken home is:

  • 75% more likely to fail at school
  • 50% more likely to suffer from mental health issues
  • 40% more likely to have serious debt issues

*Green Paper on the Family' Centre for Social Justice (CSJ 2010)

Family resilience is largely dependent on strong relationships. Research shows that relationship programmes reduce family breakdown and improve family outcomes. (CSJ 2010) Support for parents has become a universally acknowledged need and parents attending our courses say they benefit from attending. We know from studies that couple support can have a longer lasting impact on parenting skills than parenting courses alone.  This is why we focus on supporting families with both parenting and couples programmes.  

At Family Matters York, we are motivated by our Christian faith to support the communities within which we operate with love, compassion and respect. We are moved to do everything we can to strengthen relationships; uniting and building confidence within families to live everyday life to the full.