Who We Are

The relationships we have with the people we love enrich our lives, but they’re not always easy. We are here to tell you that you’re not alone and that there is help! We believe that through small steps for change, the relationships with our partners and children can really thrive.

For parents, we offer various parenting courses for each stage of the journey as you seek to nurture your child’s development and well-being. These courses will equip you to connect with your child and deal with the issues we all face. Find out more here.

For those in marriages or relationships, we can support you to reconnect and stay connected with your partner in the midst of challenges that life can throw your way. Find out how we can help you here

Family Matters was formed through a partnership of local churches, and we seek to work with churches and other local organisations with the aim of seeing families and relationships flourish in our city. Motivated by our Christian faith, we have hope that when we commit to loving our children and partners to the best of our ability, we will see benefits for ourselves, our children and the wider community.

Where We Came From

Family Matters York was formed in 2001 through a partnership of local churches. It grew out of the desire to address the rising statistics around family breakdown, and the belief that teaching relationship skills could improve the quality of family life in York. 

Over the years, some of what we have provided has changed, but we have consistently provided parenting courses and supported couples across the city. We are proud of all the good work we have done in enriching family life in York for more than 20 years, and we eagerly anticipate all we will continue to do in the future!