An update from our Parenting Co-ordinator in York

It has been a busy few months running training. We now have 8 new facilitators and I am in the process of giving each of them the opportunity to run their first course with someone with more experience.

I am very grateful that we live in York where Christians with servant hearts and amazing skill sets seem to be abundant! God has been very kind in sending us a great group of people and I am looking forward to seeing their gifts and skills develop further.  Meanwhile the courses continue to run and continue to change families lives.

One step-dad had come on a primary years course with his partner. He had been afraid of his own dad and so was trying to make the children afraid of him so that they would do as they were told, but it wasn’t working. At the last session he said, “You don’t have to instil fear into your children to get them to behave – I don’t want my kids to be scared of me so now I’m doing it differently.”

A similar dad was dragged along to a teenage years course by his wife. He was very sceptical about the material at first but was persuaded that he had nothing to lose by giving it a go. At the last session he very humbly shared: “Shouting doesn’t work – I have realised this and that I a was banging my head against a brick wall. That wasn’t successful but this stuff works – it builds a better relationship between you rather than trying to get them to do it through fear.”

I have recently met two parents who came on courses several years ago. The first said that when she came she had decided that her child wasn’t very nice and that she was never going to like him. Through the course she came to accept and appreciate him, and when he started school she went along to meet his teacher and talk about strategies she was using which worked with him. As a result of this, the child is doing really well at school and at home. “Our family’s lives are different because of the course,” she said.

The other was really struggling with her 8 year old when she came, having just split up with his dad. The parents worked together to put into place some of the strategies suggested. “Coming on the course was a real turning point for us,” she said, “ and we are in a much, much better place now.”

What a privilege it is to see families lives changed! Thank you for all you do to help it to happen – I am increasingly aware that many of the changes we see would not be happening if it weren’t for God working in their lives in answer to our prayers.

A couple came on a course recently who had been sent by a professional. They didn’t really engage with the material much and and didn’t seem very willing to change how they were doing things at home. I had a real burden for them and their child and really prayed for them over the weeks of the course. They missed several sessions but at the last session, what mum shared gave me real hope that she was beginning to respond differently to her daughter and that there was hope for the future for that family. Please keep on praying for us and for the families we work with, that God will make a difference in their lives and that we will see families coming to know Jesus. Thank you.