Scroll down to see a list of all of the courses that Family Matters runs throughout the year. If there is a course that you are interested in, that we are not running in your area, please get in touch.

All our courses are run by two trained facilitators at a time and place to suit you. Sessions are fun and interactive and usually last 2 hours, but this can be flexible to suit your needs.

Time Out for Parents- The Early Years

This 5 week course is for parents and carers of toddlers, giving them a chance to share their experiences and discuss relevant issues. Topics covered include playing with your child, eating, developing self-esteem, finding strategies to handle temper tantrums and other difficult behaviour and keeping sane as a parent. Parents are encouraged to try out strategies at home and share with the group the following week.

Time Out for Parents- Primary Years

This course runs for 5 sessions is suitable for parents of children at primary school and covers topics such as working with, not against, your child’s temperament; building your child’s self-esteem; handling discipline issues and keeping children safe.

Time Out for Parents- The Teenage Years

This 5 session course is for parents and carers of teenagers and pre-teens, and looks at understanding what makes our teenagers tick and how to communicate with them. It also looks at raising self-esteem, handling conflict, negotiation and strategies for problem solving.

Handling Anger in the Family

This is a 4 session course with 2 sessions looking at how parents handle their own anger and 2 sessions exploring ways in which parents can help their children to effectively manage their anger.

Drug Proof Your Kids

This 6 week course focuses on the important role a parent, or significant caregiver, can play in reducing the likelihood of harmful drug use for their young people. It provides an understanding of how to increase the protective factors around young people and substance misuse including good communication and being a positive role model, and decrease the risk factors. It includes a session lead by a Drugs Educator from Hope UK.

Time Out for Parents- Children with Additional Needs

This is a great opportunity for parents who have children with additional needs to meet other parents with similar issues and share thoughts and ideas. Topics covered include dealing with parents’ own feelings; understanding and managing difficult behaviour; the wider family and communication with school. The course is 6 sessions long.

Time out for Dads

This 5 week course is run by dads for dads and covers topics such as: Are dads really needed? Love and all that stuff; Setting loving limits and Dad as coach.

Single Session Workshops

This 5 week course is run by dads for dads and covers topics such as: Are dads really needed? Love and all that stuff; Setting loving limits and Dad as coach.

Time out for Separated Parents

We have joined up with the Family Mediation Service to offer a 2- session course which explores some of the challenges that can come with parenting separately and how we can do the best for our children. Ex-partners must not attend the course together.