Fathers Day

We meet so many great dads on our courses – dads who love being dads and spend lots of time with their children, playing games online, cycling, reading stories, practising cricket…A good number of these are single parents or are full time dads whose partners are working.Dads can do great French Plaits; change nappies; make amazing creations with glue and glitter and paint and sit for a junior make up artist.Some of the dads we meet get frustrated sometimes because their other halves don’t let them join in as much as they would like to. As mums, it can be easy to think that we always know best and that if it isn’t done our way then it isn’t “right”. And then we get cross because “dad doesn’t help with looking after the children”!Perhaps we could let dad do it his way sometimes? And encourage our partners when they spend time with the children rather than discouraging them by being critical.One of our suggestions we make to parents is that they try and catch their children out doing the right thing or having a go at doing the right thing. Perhaps we could do that with their dads too?

1) 90% of dads say being a parent is their greatest joy.
2) 85% of dads say being a father is the best job in the world.
3) 73% of dads say their lives began when they became a dad.
4) 62% of dads want more information on how to be a better parent. If this is you why not check out the courses that we offer https://fmy.org.uk/course-we-offer/

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