What are people saying about our courses?

“How is your family different as a result of changes you have put into place after the Time Out From Anger course?”

Calmer, more self-aware, using strategies learnt.

Trying to diffuse situations before children go over the edge and help them to express their anger in a more
constructive way.

Easier to understand other family members’ anger.

Early days but improving.

Calmer, especially me! I can handle more yelling from the kids without getting angry myself.

I’m trying to understand more and be more a good listener.


What are you taking away from the course?

It was nice to meet other people going through similar things.
It was nice to come into a room where no one is judging you and it is safe to share.
It has been useful to take time to evaluate what’s going on, and I have lowered my expectations.
I have taken a lot from this course.
I don’t want it to end.
I have enjoyed being in a situation where we can talk about things and get some strategies.
The book is very good – it just says it how it is.
It’s been really useful as self-evaluation. We have gone away and thought about it.

It has taken coming on the course to make me think about what I’m doing and make changes.
It’s made me understand that anger is an emotion. I wondered why my child was like that. I am now learning to live
with the emotion but in a positive way and not the negative way I was handling it before.
It’s OK to be angry. I had been trying to make my children not angry but you can’t do that