God’s glory keeps us going

Our relationship coordinator takes a moment out to reflect on how no relationships are perfect but that as Christians we look to bring glory to God in all that we do.

God’s glory is not revealed in spite of our brokeness, but rather through our brokeness. Just as a cracked jar will seep water, so will the power of God leak out from our fractured lives…..

Do not be ashamed of your “cracks”. Rather, examine yourself to discover how God may be more fully revealed to you and others through your hardships.

Pathways to His Presence

September 9, I lift up my soul: Devotions to start your day with God by Charles F Stanley.

‘We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us” 2 Corinthians 4:7

I was washing up one day and I read these words from the Bible verse a day book that I keep on my kitchen windowsill. It reminded me of the work we do through Couples in Crisis.

We are a Christian charity, but we will help anyone of any faith background or none through our service. Our service is highly practical, it is all about rebuilding relationship skills but as Christians we don’t do it without Christ. We do it because of what our faith means to us and what we believe God says about relationships.

We believe Christ loves relationships. He even refers to his church as his ‘bride’. He loves his bride, He lay down his life for his bride.

I think it’s easy to feel inferior. Why would God ever choose us to show his glory? In comparison to him we are ‘earthen vessels’ and yet as the verses say ‘we have this treasure in earthen vessels’. We have God’s power in us and it is revealed to others even though we may be cracked and have our own troubles. God can use earthen vessels for his glory.

Our Couples in Crisis team are a group of lovely but completely ordinary people. They would be the first to testify that no relationship is perfect, they too will have had their own challenges. It may be that their own challenges have led them to volunteer on our Couples in Crisis team. But they are precious because it’s this openness to share some of their own vulnerability that can often be the starting point in helping couples rebuild their own relationships. Couples realise they are not alone in their struggles.  Our service isn’t a counselling service but lots of listening will take place and our mentor couples will take time to prepare for their sessions and the practical skills they will share, prayerfully and with the couple’s needs in mind that they are working with. Our prayer is that whether the couples that seek our help have faith or not, that they experience some of the ‘treasure’ of being able to access this precious service.