I had the divorce papers ready to sign…

I never thought that after one year of being married I would be filing for divorce. 12 months in and our relationship had completely broken down. I was devastated.

We had tried all the normal things – counselling, living apart, but nothing worked. Nothing could break the cycle. Until we discovered the Family Matters Couples in Crisis course.

Thanks to the support of this incredible charity, we could keep our family together. Can you help to keep more families together? A donation of just £20 could pay for a couple to attend that all important first meeting and start working through their problems.

The Couples in Crisis course was different to anything we had tried before. We felt listened to and valued. The focus was on the tools we needed to move forward and deal with difficult situations. It gave us a sense of hope.

Family Matters York didn’t just help us work through the problems we were facing at the time, but they gave us skills that we have, and will continue to use. to deal with other challenges that arise throughout our relationship!

There are so many couples in York that desperately need help. Especially during the pandemic, where all relationships are feeling the stress. Family Matters York are there to stop marriages from breaking down. I don’t think I would be exaggerating when I say they were our last chance, and they saved our marriage.

The pandemic has seen a huge increase in the demand for courses ran by Family Matters York and they need the resources to be able to respond to this. To be able to keep families and couples together.

Because I’m sure, like me, you believe that strong family relationships hold the world together. I am asking you to please support Family Matters York. So that more families can stay together, to reconnect and work through their problems.

Just £20 would give couples that hope that there is a future for their relationship. You could save a marriage like mine and stop the shattering effect that divorce has.

Thank you,

Your friend Hannah*.

P.S. We understand that times are hard for many at the moment. If you are unable to donate to Family Matters York at this time, please pass on this email to someone who might be able to support couples in need. Because strong family relationships hold the world together.*Name changed for confidentiality