Left to their own devices

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Here’s what Emma has to say about the book Left To Their Own Devices

This was a good read for anyone thinking about how to best manage their child’s interaction with screens.

It’s a good balance of reminding parents that they are in charge and it is up to them to create their own ‘online’ boundaries for their children whilst equally getting parents to face up to the reality that their children are growing up in a new world where engaging with screens/the online world is inevitable. It challenges parents to be continually engaging with how children are engaging with the  online world as well as giving them the confidence to raise appropriate issues with their children such as good, safe, online practice, and the law. It concludes really helpfully with the subject  – ‘Teaching Them to Learn to Discern’. Like in all areas of parenting we are trying to model and guide our children to enable them  to go on and make their own good decisions as young adults and this was a great final chapter about the importance of doing the same with online engagement.