Marriage Week

This week is Marriage Week and at Family Matters York we have been working hard throughout the week to let couples know we are here to help them grow and Reconnect their marriage and relationships, whatever stages or stresses they might currently be in.

The key message of Marriage Week is that marriage is worth investing in, because all the research shows that stable families make for happier children and grown-ups, and a happier wider community. Married couples who work at their marriage are more likely to stay together and be that stable family, leading to a happier society.

The team at Family Matters York knows that the last year has been really tough on everyone and this week we are specifically looking to support couples to RECONNECT with each other. We have relaunched our couple to couple mentoring program that was previously known as Couples in Crisis. The service has emerged out of lockdown with the new name of “Reconnect”. We want couples to know that they don’t need to be at crisis point in order to seek to strengthen their relationship. There is no better time than right now as we emerge from lockdown, a year that has put more strains on family life than we could have ever conceived possible. This is a time where many of us will be looking at what this new life will lock like after many of the restrictions have been lifted. Why not take this time to embrace the changes and invest in your relationships.

 Research shows that strong marriages can provide a stable environment for children to grow up in and for adults to find comfort and confidence. We know that all marriages get battered by the storm from time to time and so we are here to help. We have trained couples who are ready to share their experience and provide you with tools to help build stronger longer lasting relationships than can grow each year. Are service is now available via Zoom or, where restrictions allow, in mentor couples own homes.

All of our couples are well trained and know what its like for their marriage to go through deep struggles. We have seen couples who have had the divorce papers in their hand and can’t see a way forward and couples who are getting along ok but just want to put sometime aside to fill in the gaps and strengthen the bits that need it.

We’d encourage any couples who would like to invest in the marriage to cease this moment and get in touch with our Relationship Coordinator, Emma Marshall to find out more. 07941910239.