Relationships are precious, but are not always what they look like in the movies! The exciting hopes and dreams we start out with can come true but we mostly have to work at them.

Couples in Crisis

We offer a unique service to couples who are experiencing stress in their relationship. This can happen to any marriage or couple relationship and at any stage in the relationship. The root of the difficulty could be inside the relationship or might have its source in circumstances that are completely outside of it.

At such times couples need encouragement and hope as well as practical tools to help them.

We have a team of trained support couples who have all experienced relationship crisis and have rebuilt their relationships. You will meet up together with a couple who will be dedicated to taking you through the 4 sessions at a time that suits you both.

Sessions focus on rebuilding the skills of effective communication, resolving conflict, understanding forgiveness and recognising negative patterns of behaviour.

Couples in Crisis