Schools out for summer…and how to cope

Summer holidays. Some of you will have lovely memories of long, sunny days playing out with friends, but for a lot of families it is a very stressful time. Working families try to juggle child care with precious annual leave and other families face the 6 weeks with fear wondering how they are going to keep their children occupied on a tight budget, especially if the weather isn’t great.
York City Council put on a range of activities for children during the holidays, some of which are free, and there are events at local libraries. More information can be found here
A number of churches across the city put on Holiday Clubs and other events. And here are some other ideas that families have shared with us:

  • Have an indoor picnic and get the children to enjoy helping prepare and tidy it up
  • You can “paint” the pavement with a large paintbrush and some water
  • Treasure hunts in the garden or park
  • A large cardboard box can be turned into a car or a house or a spaceship or…
  • Rice in a washing up bowl is fun to pour, bury things in, etc. (and it clears up much better than sand)- put down an old sheet first to make tidying up easier
  • Old clothes and accessories from wider family are great for dressing up in

Perhaps you could agree to have a friend’s children for a couple of hours in return for them having yours so that you both get a break. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more free and easy ideas for fun at home with your children through the summer holidays.