The “P” word

The P-Word Conference by Naked Truth Project

Porn use is massive

Recently I attended a conference by the Naked Truth Project on porn. I’ve had some funny looks when I have shared that. I suspect that’s why they titled it ‘The P-word conference’. It was an eye opener. They shared some crazy stats with us about porn use. For example:

1 porn site in 2018 had 33.5 billion hits.

That’s 90 million daily visits, effectively double the amount of visits to YouTube in one day.

They also cited a survey that said 79% of men and 76% women aged between 18-30 watched porn once a month and that porn was cited as a factor in 56% of divorces.

Porn use is impacting our relationships, negatively

Porn is having a massive impact on today’s relationships. Naked Truth Project exists to open eyes and free people from porn because they believe it is damaging, it’s addictive and it ruins relationships. It’s gone from the top shelf of Newsagents to being easily accessed on the internet on devices anywhere at any time. Children as young as 14 are watching hardcore porn and basing their sex education on what they see on the screen. Porn is shaping a generation of sexual expectations.

Porn use is as addictive as drugs

During the P-word Conference the team highlighted how porn use can be as addictive as drugs. In the same way that using a substance drug increases the dopamine levels from the reward centre in our brain, online porn does the same. It’s sobering. It’s so easy to accidentally come across porn on the internet these days. A chance meeting evokes curiosity which can lead to a full-blown addiction that is then difficult to escape from.

Young adults are more susceptible to addiction

It feeds into the natural development of children. The brain doesn’t fully develop and mature until their mid-to late-20s. Prior to this young people’s brains are in a natural period of development, where the pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that helps us make choices and regulate behaviour isn’t properly developed, hence why teenagers do things ‘without thinking’ and so they are more vulnerable to addiction.

In response the Naked Truth Project seeks to educate

They educate through schools programs and in churches to help people understand the damaging and addictive nature of porn. Not only that but they also help those wanting to overcome porn use and dependency through their ‘Click to Kick’ online support groups as well as supporting the partners and spouses of those struggling with porn dependency. This happens through weekly support groups and a private forum that offers ongoing support because ‘they have been there’.

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