The Teenage Years

Many parents who attend the Teenage Years courses have not found parenting difficult before. Then their young person reaches adolescence and the strategies that have worked for years suddenly stop being effective. Parents find it so reassuring that they aren’t the only one experiencing difficulties, and many parents say how their confidence has increased as a result of attending our courses.

Feedback from recent courses has included:

“It has made me feel that I’m not alone.”

“When they get to secondary school you lose contacts with other parents – it’s really good to connect with people so that we get an idea of what’s normal.”

“It has given me more confidence and patience to look at it her way – now I don’t try to belittle her feelings.”

And for some parents, attending the course makes a significant difference in their family life.

Other feedback has included:

“It has made me rethink a lot of things.”

“My child has noticed a change in me – I don’t shout as much.”

“There was a time when I wanted to escape from home and not come back until it was all fixed, but now I have been given the tools to fix it myself and I have realised that it’s what I say and do that makes a difference.”

What a privilege it is to facilitate courses which can be life-changing for parents and their children. We are very grateful for all the support you give in prayer and financially and in getting the word out to families about our courses – we couldn’t do it without you.


If you are thinking about attending a Time Out For Parents The Teenage Years course why not click here to find out more. If this date or location doesn’t suit please contact us so that we can try and arrange a course that would work for you