We’re coming to Easingwold!

Breaking new ground
We are very excited! Not only is it the start of a new academic year but over the next year, we
are also breaking new ground by bringing our parenting sessions out of York and into South

Anne Johnson (who has worked with us for several years as a facilitator) is spearheading the
charge to the North, and at the same time, Helen Atkinson (our head facilitator and parenting co-
ordinator) will continue to manage our work across York and into Selby.
Parenting our children is such an important job, and one that can be very challenging. Life with
children is full on, and it should also be fun. There is a great deal of information out there, some
more useful than others, and social media can set our expectations of how our family ‘should be’.
At times we can get sucked into thinking everyone else has got it sorted.
So whether you are interested in accessing up to date information, or have a particular issue that
you could use some help with, our evidence based sessions are open to everyone and will
provide you with an informal space in which you are safe to share openly with other parents and
take a bit of ‘Time Out’ to focus on your parenting.
Look out for our ‘Time Out for Parenting’ posters and check out our ‘Positive Parenting