What Mums want and Dads need to know!

As a charity we are trying to read as many books on relationships, marriage and parenting as we can. This enables us to recommend books to our supporters. They are all books that we have in the office so if you would like to read any of the books we mention, please get in touch or come and visit our office. We would love you to have chance to borrow the books and read them.

Also if you read any books that you think others should hear about, please feel free to write a book review for us.

Today’s book is called What Mums want and Dads need to know!

Book is essentially about…

What Mums want from their husbands. For the book they set up an online survey asking what mums want from their marriages and they wrote about the results.

He essentially concludes…mums want their husbands to be friends, to be wife orientated and child-orientated, who thinks about their wife’s needs, not just their own needs and their own work. They don’t want their husbands to be doormats but they don’t want to be at the bottom of their priorities. When this doesn’t happen, and especially when children come along couples drift and then the relationship suffers. “Husband, love your wife. Then she will love you right back, in that order” pg108

Great marriages can be learnt and the book goes on to explain some practical ways this can happen. A good read and a good advocate for some of the skills we cover in Couples in Crisis!