Young kids’ summer to do list

With the holidays here, many young children’s groups have stopped for the summer, our normal hang outs are full of big kids, Facebook shows all the fun that other families are having. It can be hard to fill those long summer days with endless fun. The fact is that small children often want to have fun with you. Whether is just half an hour before bed after a busy day at work, or 12 hours of awakeness all day long, take a look at our summer to do list for a few cheap (many free) and easy ideas


Summer to do list…

  • Play with bubbles
  • Read a book everyday with someone that you love
  • Lie on the ground and find shapes in the clouds
  • Search for mini beasts
  • Jump over waves at the beach
  • Visit the library
  • Give someone a cuddle every day
  • Paint rocks and hide them for other people to find
  • Search for other people’s rocks
  • Visit a new park
  • Paint with your fingers (and maybe even your toes!)
  • Make a den and eat snack in there
  • Help a grown up prepare snack
  • Pick fruit (blackberries might be ready by the end of the holidays)
  • Learn something new
  • “paint” with water on the ground