Are you looking for some help in your relationship? Maybe you’re finding yourselves arguing all the time, or things just don’t feel the same as they once did?

It’s totally normal to experience these kinds of difficulties within a relationship, but it doesn’t have to stay this way – there is hope! Also, we believe that couples who pay attention to these early signs of disconnection, and make small changes at this stage, are better equipped to prevent the development of more serious relationship problems that are harder to overcome.

How Can We Help?

Reconnect is a short-term mentoring service, where you and your partner have 5 sessions with a support couple to work on the difficulties you’re experiencing in your relationship. It’s not counselling, but our support couples are trained to listen to what’s going on for you, offer encouragement and help you make some small steps for change. 

What to expect from Reconnect

Step 1 : Initial Enquiry

1. Complete this enquiry form and Emma (our Relationship course coordinator) will be in touch to go over the basics.

2. An initial assessment with Emma gives you both an opportunity to work out if Reconnect is the way forward for you.

Step 2 : Meet your support couple

3. Emma will match you with one of our trained support couples and put you in touch to arrange your first session. 

4. You will have 5 sessions together, with a gap of at least 2 weeks between sessions, in order to give you time to implement some of the changes you’ve talked about in each session.

5. The sessions cost £25 each, but don’t let cost put you off – chat to Emma if this is a problem for you

Step 3 : Session Content

6. The sessions will follow the material that we have developed from the last 20 years experience of working with couples

7. Covers topics like how to listen well, conflict styles, and love languages; all with a view to helping you to make small changes that will help you to reconnect and stay connected to each other

Make the first step today

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know it can feel a bit daunting reaching out for help in your relationship, so we’ve put together some of the questions we frequently get in order to put your mind at ease.

What is Reconnect?

Reconnect is a short five course held over five sessions for couples wanting to strengthen and invest in their relationship.

What happens in a Reconnect session?

Reconnect sessions are led by a trained Support Couple who guide their client couple through some simple relationship tools, which they can use to communicate and connect with each other in a new way.

What kind of relationship tools do you look at?

We’re all about communication and connection; so sessions will be spent looking at topics like good listening skills, finding ways to love each other well, communicating well through conflict and the importance of forgiveness.

Are Reconnect sessions kept confidential?

We take confidentiality very seriously. The only reason we would break confidentiality was if we had a concern for someone’s safety.

I know a Support Couple on the Reconnect team, would we be placed with them?

No. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and for your five Reconnect sessions to be a time where you can be anonymous and share as much or as little as you’d like, so we’d always ensure you were with a Support Couple who you have no connections with.

Will we have to tell our Support Couple everything?

It’s helpful if you feel you can be honest about where you are up to in your relationship but it’s entirely up to you both what you decide to share with your Support Couple.

Where do Reconnect sessions take place?

Reconnect sessions take place on neutral ground at your Support Couple’s home in a private and comfortable space given over for your sessions.

Is there any homework?

A little bit – We believe habits change when we seek to put relationship tools into practice over a period of time so whilst your Support Couple won’t be marking it, to get benefit from the course it’s expected that couples will allocate some time to work on the small tasks Support Couples suggest between the sessions.

How much will Reconnect sessions cost?

We ask for a donation of £25 paid in advance of each session where possible. We’re a very small charity and any donation we receive makes a big difference to us being able to offer our courses.